Hi and welcome to my site.

When I was six years old, my grandmother introduced me to the wonderful world of vintage and second-hand clothing. Ever since, the constant hunt for interesting design, good quality and something out of the ordinary has fascinated me. Over the years, this interest has slowly developed from a hobby into a lifestyle.

However, lately, I have started considering the way the consumption patterns have developed in our cultures and economies during the past decades. A development that worries me;

According to the London College of Fashion, fashion consumption has increased by 400 % over the last 20 years, and clothes have never been so affordable. We care less about both the quality and our garment’s lifetime, as we wear our clothes for a shorter time period before we discard them. This cannot be a sustainable pattern, and what does it say about the value of fashion, design and creativity?

With this in mind, I have created this space to focus on consumption and creativity, reuse, second hand clothing, and environmentally friendlier options – with the overall purpose to learn more about sustainability within the fashion industry.

I so hope to share my thoughts and knowledge – to inspire others to the fun and creative world of considering second hand and vintage clothing as their first option.

Join me on this journey.

Kopia av second first

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